Are you the next member of our team?

The Green Mountain Spinnery is looking for a new 30 – 40 hour Carding Apprentice.

Responsibilities will be cleaning, maintaining, and operating both our wool picker and our 41 ft long carding machine, plus being available for issues that come up with other equipment.

We prefer someone with:

  • Experience and/or interest in learning about natural fibers and their variety of characteristics.
  • Mechanically inclined.
  • Good troubleshooter and problem solver.
  • Demonstrates safe workplace practices.
  • Physically able to handle rugged lifting, and cleaning activities.
  • Brings good relationship skills and willingness to work with all staff members to create a healthy and productive workplace.

Pay begins at above minimum wage with benefits and an expectation to eventually become a participating worker owner in the company.

Send your thoughts with resume and references to david@spinnery.com or by mail to 7 Brickyard Ln, Putney, Vt 05346