John Crane’s HERITAGE WOOL Blend

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Sheep breeds can be sorted into five categories according to their fleeces: Down wools, Fine wools, Long wools, Medium wools and Heritage wools. Green Mountain Spinnery and John Crane Studio present five limited edition undyed yarns each representing the special qualities of its category.

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This 100% sheep’s wool yarn blends multiple heritage wool breeds sourced worldwide.  Heritage fleeces come from sheep breeds that have developed in geographic isolation over a long period of time. Typically they are dual-coated with a soft insulating undercoat and a coarser outer coat for protection.  This Aran weight yarn is perfect for durable outerwear (think sweaters and vests) that will last for generations.

100% Undyed Heritage Wool This yarn blends fiber from these Heritage Wool breeds:  Badger Face Welsh Mountain, Black Welsh Mountain, Border Cheviot, Gulf Coast Native, Hog Island, Jacob, Manx Loaghtan, Old Norwegian, Portland, Romanov, Scottish Blackface, and Shetland

3-ply Aran Weight
1.75 oz Approx 96 yds


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