About The Spinnery

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About The Spinnery

Since our founding in 1981 our goals remain unchanged: to create yarns of the highest quality, to help sustain regional sheep farming, and to develop environmentally sound ways to process natural fibers.

From initial contact with the fiber grower through the final labeling and approval of each finished skein of yarn, our team attends with care to every step and detail in the yarn-making process. All the fibers we use – alpaca, mohair, wool and organic cotton – are grown in the United States. We make every effort to purchase directly from individual growers.

Our yarns are created with vintage equipment in our mill in rural Vermont. We match the dynamic capabilities of our venerable machinery with a keen understanding of the nuances of each fiber blend. Throughout the entire process, the inherent liveliness of natural fibers is respected. The result? See and feel for yourself.

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From our hands to yours – Green Mountain Spinnery has beautiful yarn for all your knitting needs.
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