Pattern Corrections

Green Mountain Spinnery Books and ebooks:

Corrections and Clarifications for 99 Yarns and Counting (PDF)

Green Mountain Spinnery Knitting Book (PDF)

Green Mountain Weekend (PDF)

At The Spinnery (PDF)


Green Mountain Spinnery Patterns:

Berlin Poncho (PDF)

Cable Weave Pullover (PDF)

Grace Note Revised Chart A (PDF) – for patterns purchased before February 2019

Hat Quartet Summer  #213 (PDF)

Isis (PDF)

Kelly – pattern # 154 (PDF)

Knotweed Wrap (PDF)

Lopez Island Cap (PDF)

Maisie – corrected Chart 1 (PDF)

Mill Stone – pattern 294, also in At the Spinnery pp 33 – 35

Mittens (Basic Mittens) – pattern # 27, also in The Green Mountain Spinnery Knitting Book, p 83

Moorit Gansey PDF

Numina (PDF)

On Your Toes Clarification (for single pattern only) (PDF)

Putney Aran Chart (PDF)

Putney Mountain Vest (PDF)

Raggedy (PDF)

Rhubarb Cowl and Mitts (PDF)

Ropes and Ladders Vest (PDF)

Route 5 Cowl & Wrist warmers (PDF)

Sap Run Vest Revised Chart (PDF)

Stansfield (PDF)

Stratton (PDF)

Summer Breeze Shawl (PDF)

Sussex Lace Cowl (PDF)

Waterfall (PDF)

Windrow Cardigan (PDF)