Tune in

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Now that many of us are entering our second month of self quarantine, it is continuing to be important that we find effective ways of providing ourselves with self care that can raise our spirits.  Sustaining this new reality can be draining, isolating and for many very difficult.

We thought we would share one of our small joys in the hopes that it might brighten the days ahead for you.  We think of it as the Lamb Cam.

Many of the fiber producers we partner with are in the middle of their lambing season.  This means that on a daily basis, new adorable babies are being born and joining our favorite flocks.  Following the Instagram feeds of these farmers will deliver regular photos, and even better, videos of these fuzzy creatures and their entertaining antics.

Below is a short list of some of the accounts that we hope you will follow for a breath of fresh Spring news that brings smiles to our faces every day.

Catskill Merino Sheep Farm
Wing and a Prayer Farm
Blue Heron Farm
Sawkill Farm
Vermont Shepherd
Berry Meadow Farm
Lana Plantae
The Running Shepherdess
Big Picture Farm