New Year Update from Green Mountain Spinnery

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Heart Hands Jan 20242023 brought more new visitors to the Mill than ever before. We’ve shared with them the history of our co-op from its founding in 1981 to our newest yarns that are still on the bobbins.

Their enthusiasm for our process and our products reminds us afresh everyday that making beautiful yarn is important work. In your hands, the gorgeous skeins of yarn that we spin from natural fibers become cherished keepsakes. They warm and comfort your family, friends and members of your community. With your stitches, we are knitting together a larger fabric of people who care more and more about the stories behind these items.

For some of our visitors, our Mill sparks a deeper curiosity about fiber producing animals, where they live and who cares for them; and their vital role in the health of the ecosystems in which they play a part. For a few, our antique machines clarify the physical mechanics of exactly how wool becomes yarn. And still others get fired up to learn how to knit or crochet, or return to the craft that they learned as children and have spent years or decades out of practice. The hands don’t forget.

We hope that the new year brings with it more opportunities to meet new friends, and share our passion.

Every community contains people who are eager to connect, to make, and to learn. Perhaps 2024 will bring with it a chance for you to pass the love along: bring a friend to a fiber festival, offer to teach someone the basics, a new skill or technique, or simply gift them a beautiful skein and the tools they need to cast on. The time you will share together may be one of your favorite aspects of the year ahead.

Our Winter SALE begins at 12 pm EST on January 2nd!

Yarn Sale
Twice a year we offer our unwashed odd weight skeins for sale with deep discounts. For the first two weeks of January, we have a great selection of yarns available at 30% off!

Odd weight skeins are first quality and with the same yardage, but the yarn is a bit lighter or heavier than the specifications set for our regular weight skeins. When we fill orders for any particular color, all the skeins will be either all heavies or all lights.

These skeins will “bloom” to softness if gently hand washed before knitting. Easy washing instructions are included with your order.

In order to offer these skeins on a first come first served basis to all of our friends, near and far, these SALE yarns are only available through our website. If you live near the Mill, select Local Pick Up as your shipping method and we’ll call you when your yarn is ready for you to gather.