One more week of great savings!

| Yarn

Even though our physical Tent Sale wrapped up at the end of Memorial Day weekend, our discounted prices continue to be available through Friday June 15th!  You can find some great savings on our limited edition and odd weight unwashed skeins available through our website here.

For those of you who haven’t already knit with these discounted skeins and wonder what we mean by unwashed odd weight skeins, here is a brief explanation:

We typically wash our skeins of yarn before making them available for purchase in order to remove the light coating of spinning oil that we add to the fiber to facilitate its passage through the carding machine.  Unwashed skeins will “bloom” to softness if gently hand washed before knitting. Below are two skeins of Edelweiss Mountain Mohair.  On the left is a fluffy washed skein and on the right is an unwashed skein.

There may be a difference of gauge between your stitches created with an unwashed yarn and your finished blocked fabric. In order to avoid surprises that will effect your garment’s finished measurements, we recommend washing your yarn before your start your project or blocking your swatch so that you can more accurately predict what changes your blocked fabric will undergo.  Easy skein washing instructions will be included with your order.

Keep in mind, unwashed skeins are terrific for felting and dyeing.  Some of the hand dyers that work with our yarns actually prefer to work with unwashed skeins!

Odd weight skeins are first quality, but the yarn is, overall, a bit lighter or heavier than in a regular weight skein. Lighter skeins will work up a bit finer than usual and heavier skeins will work up with a bit more bulk.

Please note, when we fill orders for any particular color, all the skeins will be either all heavies or all lights. Check your gauge carefully before starting your project.

We hope that you’ll check out our varied selection of discounted yarn this week and take advantage of these savings while supplies last and before the sale ends at the end of the day on Friday June 15th!