Can you feel the warmth?

| Yarn

It was a cold day earlier this month when we dreamed up our newest colorway of Yarn Over: Ember.

Every batch of our recycled Yarn Over is unique.  It offers us a welcome opportunity to re-use material that would otherwise be wasted in our spinning process.  We gather all of the surplus carded fleece and remnants of unused roving and pool it together.  When we accumulate a quantity large enough to process, we re-pick, card, spin and ply a fresh batch of bulky 2-ply yarn.  We often augment this fiber with some fresh bale dyed wool to intensify the overall color to a more appealing shade.

To create Ember, we added different colors of wool into the carding machine in a sequence that has resulted in a variegated yarn that ranges from a soft ash grey to the warm rose and purples seen among the embers in a gently burning woodstove.

Each skein contains 155 yards of woolly goodness, more than enough for a warm winter hat!  We hope that you are keeping snug as the seasons are changing and that you have something delightful on your needles that brings you joy.