A knit and walk along for peace

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Christina Campbell has launched a special KAL/WAL for the month of November that is as beautiful as it is noteworthy.  We wanted to share her thoughts about this project with you this week, thinking that you might be as inspired by it as we are.  This project will have us knitting and walking together all month long!

© Christina Campbell

“Meet Camino de Paz, the path of peace. Knit and walk (not simultaneously of course) the path of peace in November and find yourself ready for Project Peace (kicks off 12/1). Camino de Paz is a simple color work cowl using 2 colors of sport weight yarn. It’s the perfect first color work project yet equally rewarding for the knitter with lots of color work experience. The finished size is just right to wear on a walk to ward off a chill. Finally, it’s just the right size project for gift knitting…in case you needed to knit up a quick gift for someone.”

You can read more about Christina’s inspiration for this project on her blog.

The Walk-along.  November is one of those months that can be challenging to walk. As the weather changes, our thoughts of getting cozy on the sofa with a blanket, warm beverage, and some knitting prevail…walking takes a back seat. For this walk-along, the challenge is to walk every day for 30 days regardless of how far. Walk for 5 minutes or walk for 50; it doesn’t matter just as long as you get up and go for a “walk.” 

Giveaway. With the pattern purchase you’ll receive a 30-day walking log. Fill this out each day and at the end of the month, send Christina the documentation that you’ve walked all 30 days. Or you could do a 30-day post on Instagram with a photo from each walk. Use the hashtag #caminodepazwalkalong At the end of the month, everyone that walked daily will be entered into a giveaway for a project bag and some yarn (TBD) and she’ll randomly select a winner. Of course, the real prize is the fact that you walked daily for 30 days. 

Need some support? Join The Healthy Knitter Ravelry group and interact with other super friendly and kind knitters that love to walk.”

We were so delighted by the peaceful intention of this KAL/WAL that we all want to get cast on!  The pattern calls for two contrasting colors of sport weight yarn (between 150 and 190 yards). We made our selections from our cozy 2-ply DK weight yarns: Alpaca Elegance, Cotton Comfort, Mewesic and New Mexico Organic.


Tracey selected Alpaca Elegance in Lavender Cream and Sencha

Maureen selected Cotton Comfort in Storm and Iris.

Megan selected Mewesic’s Green Eyed Lady paired with New Mexico Organic in Grey.

Larisa selected Cotton Comfort in Pine paired with New Mexico Organic in Grey.

Lauren has selected Alpaca Elegance in Darjeeling and Earl Grey.

Kate has selected Alpaca Elegance in Roobois and Cappucino

We hope that you decide to join the fun.   We echo Christina’s wish for our projects: “May each stitch and step be filled with peace.”