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We’re pleased to release a second new pattern designed by Larisa Demos this week: the Flat Iron Cowl.

This cozy cowl features a feathered lace stitch pattern that reminded Larisa of the Latte Art created by her favorite baristas at a Bellow’s Falls coffee house.  She named her design after the Flat Iron Exchange where she meets with other local crafters every Thursday evening for a stitching gathering that shouldn’t be missed.

Our favorite version of her cowl can be knit up with 4 skeins of deliciously soft Green Mountain Green.  The soft neutral tones of this yarn make it the perfect match for any outfit.  And snuggling into our finest fiber is a true pleasure.  Even better than that first sip of a perfectly drawn latte.

You can see that the cowl acts as a bit of a caplet with enough volume to surround your shoulders with soft warmth and cozy comfort.  The pattern is worked from the bottom up with written instructions and a chart to simplify the lace work.

We made several samples of this beauty this summer, because we were so smitten with it, so we can confirm that it also knits up beautifully with 3 skeins of either our Mountain Mohair or Weekend Wool.  On the left you can see it knit up with Blizzard Mountain Mohair and on the right, is a fun bright version created with our Orchid Weekend Wool.












Any of these lovely versions would be the perfect accessory to wear to a last minute gathering to meet friends for coffee.  Whether or not they are knitters, you’ll be the envy of the group!

Stay tuned as our new patterns keep coming!  We’ll have two new sweater patterns for your consideration releasing in the next two weeks.  We can’t wait to hear what you think of them.