Special guests

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All kinds of people visit us here at the Spinnery.  It is our great pleasure to show visitors our beautiful yarns, our extensive sample collection and give them a tour of the antique machinery we use to make the yarns we are proud to call our own.

Occasionally we host a larger group, and earlier this fall a field trip of fourth and fifth graders from Massachusetts came for a visit to learn more about how yarn is created.  We walked them through our facility showing them the process and the various machinery involved in making a fleece become skeins.

We recently received a sheaf of thank you notes from the kids that we thought we’d share with you.  We hope that you are as charmed as we were.

thank you 01

thank you 03

We love having the opportunity to foster the curiosity and passion of a new generation fiber enthusiasts.  Next time you plan to be in our neighborhood, call ahead or send us an email and we will do our best to provide you with a tour and some fresh insight into all that has gone into the creation of the yarn you love to work with.