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This Spring’s lambing season is wrapping up, and many of the folks that we spin for are finally getting a full-night’s rest. While we don’t have a flock here at the Spinnery, we do find ourselves happily distracted with thoughts of darling lambs this time of year, and so we thought we share some of that joy with you this week.

This little one is a new member of the Putney School flock, which grazes the fields of a local private school nearby.  Students there care for a variety of fiber animals that includes sheep, alpaca and goats.

If the sight of these babies brings you as much joy as it does to us, you may want to start following a number of of the fiber producers that we spin for on Instagram.  You can find regular updates from some of the folks whose fiber we spin by searching Instagram for their accounts:


You’ll enjoy “behind the scenes” insights into raising happy and healthy animals that grow the gorgeous fiber that we love to spin and you enjoy knitting.  Many of the local farms among this list will be vendors at the upcoming Spring Sheep and Wool Festivals, so you can see what they have been creating for you in person at Maryland and New Hampshire in just a couple weeks.

We hope to see you there, and in the meantime, enjoy this beautiful season!