Sheep and goats and bees, oh my!

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The work crew at the Spinnery has grown dramatically this week, thanks to some four legged and winged helpers that are now in residence behind the Mill.

Our carder and general handy-man, Andy brought in a small group of his Shetland lambs to help with brush clean up.  Instead of using a gasoline powered tool to keep our property looking spiffy, we are using  grass-powered flock of this year’s lambs who have grown up enough to be comfortably separated from their mothers during working hours.

His small flock of Shetland sheep beautifully illustrate the wide range of natural colors this breed is prized for.  His total flock includes 8 additional ewes, two very handsome rams and a wether that are grazing his fields back home.  He hopes to be able to sheer the entire group later this year, and accumulate enough fiber for a small run of yarn that will be as local as we make!

To help pollinate our burgeoning garden plot and the nearby Putney Community garden; Andy has relocated two small hives.  So now there are a large number of us that are busy as bees on Brickyard Lane.

Be sure to ask about our wilder workers when you visit the Mill this summer.  We hope that we can include a small outdoor detour to our regular production walk-through for visitors that would like a behind the scenes look at how the Spinnery makes yarn.  Our commitment to improving our community extends beyond making terrific skeins!