It’s back!

| Project Inspiration, Yarn

We’re very pleased to share with you the grand return of our undyed Grey Maine Organic Yarn.  This Spinnery staple has been out of stock for several months while we’ve waited for a crucial fiber delivery.  And this week, we put the finishing touches on a fresh batch of this scrumptious yarn!

The wool for these skeins comes to us from the Noon Family Sheep Farm in Maine.  Their organically raised flock is a commercial mix of Columbia-Rambouillet-Leicester-Suffolk, and Friesian.  You can read a bit more about the farm in the first of three blog posts that Hannah Fettig wrote last summer as she and her husband Abe launched their own limited edition organic yarn line with fiber sourced from the same flock.

The skeins in this week’s batch still smell of hay giving you a sense of the pasture as you work with the yarn.  It’s like taking a little holiday to the countryside.  As Kate twisted and labelled skeins for sale, she found herself daydreaming of creating a lofty woolen shawl with this yarn that would hug her shoulders this winter and surround her with the smell of summer.

Ravelry has some terrific pattern ideas for this yarn.  You may also want to consider Amy Christoffer’s Coolidge Cardigan, which was originally designed in the Spinnery’s Vermont Organic.  Her design combines a rich seed stitch texture with ethereal lace and is a perpetual crowd pleaser among our samples in the shop.

If you wanted to play with all three undyed shades available in the Maine Organic line, you might want to consider a neutral version of the Spinnery’s Gulfoss sweater, or you may want to take a quick browse through these pattern suggestions.  Shannon Cook’s Bradway Shawl makes the top of Kate’s list!

Thank you to those of you who have patiently waited for these skeins to return.  We have dozens ready to ship and we’d be delighted to get some into your hands without delay.