Another winner from Thea!

| Project Inspiration, Yarn

We are not alone in our admiration for Thea Colman’s newest pattern!  A quick search of this week’s most popular patterns in Raverly will bring her Fernet Branca to the top of your screen.  And a quick glance at her photos will show you why.  Everything about this sweater says, “knit me!”

© Thea Colman

This cozy oversize shape is very popular right now and perfect as a layering piece.  As Thea mentions in her pattern notes, “I keep coming back to this flattering, wearable shape. It’s fun to knit, easy to seam, and I just love wearing these comfy, loose pullovers with a shirt tail peeking out beneath the hem.”

Thea’s pattern includes a generous range of sizing options from 38.5 to 58.25 inches (97.75 – 148 cm)  based on sweater circumference around body at bust.  She recommends choosing a size that will provide between 5-6”/12.75-15.75 cm of positive ease for the fit as shown.

Fernet Branca features a simple textured block motif, bookended by bold ribs and cables on either side of the body. Thea’s favorite part of this design might just be how those panels meet under the arms.

© Thea Colman

She adds, “on the back of the sweater, I added a central spine and changed the cable panels just a bit to keep things interesting. Then I designed the neckline so the sweater can be worn with either side facing front, so feel free to flip it depending on your mood! It’s reversible!”  Pure genius.

We’re delighted to share with you that her pattern is designed with Green Mountain Spinnery Weekend Wool.  Our lofty 2 ply 100% wool yarn is a great choice to make these complimentary textures really stand out in crisp detail.

Thea confides, “I’ve been waiting impatiently to work in Green Mt Spinnery’s Weekend Wool for a while now, and it did not disappoint. The color, the stitch definition, and the soft, round fiber are spot on. When I first swatched these motifs in the Pine Warbler, my heart kind of skipped a beat — and I didn’t put the needles back down until it was done.

And to make this project even more tempting we are offering 15% off your purchase of Weekend Wool on our website through the end of the month.  Use coupon code Frenet at checkout for some terrific savings!

We’re confident that you’ll enjoy working this sweater up.  Thea’s patterns are always beautifully crafted; as can be seen in thoughtful way in which her ribbed hem transitions into those delicious cables.  This trademark element of Thea’s cabled patterns is just one of the myriad ways in which where no small detail is left to chance.

To top it off, she has added a few notes to the pattern about modifications for your own body, and there will be thread in her BabyCocktails group for knitting along or any questions that come up!

And if one of your questions about this design is it’s name, then we encourage you to browse her blog where she’s provided an explanation of the name as well as some delicious cocktail recipes that you may want to try.